Client Spotlight: EVOS | Towards a Greener Future

April 22, 2022

Earth Day today, tomorrow, and every day. At Muse Creative Group, we advocate for a greener future and proudly work with mission-driven brands transitioning to a cleaner and more prosperous tomorrow. Both restaurants and consumers have a role to play in the transition towards a greener future. Celebrate the Earth by protecting her through more conscious and sustainable options. 

Today, our client spotlight is shining bright towards EVOS

EVOS is known for its Airbaking technique and Feel Great Food containing 60% less fat than your average fast food restaurant. At EVOS, you can eat guilt-free (less grease equals less guilt) whether you’re indulging in their popular Air Fries or their Feel Great Burgers. EVOS works hard to be environmentally proactive in every aspect of their business practices. Here is what they’re doing to transition towards a cleaner future:

EVOS has been committed to its mission toward clean energy for the last 30 years. They offset 100% of each of their restaurants’ carbon footprint with renewable wind & solar power. This alone helps our planet in a major way and each store has the environmental impact of planting 52 acres of trees every year! 

Food-wise, EVOS supports sustainable farming by using all-organic ingredients and Fair Trade Certified products, guaranteeing a better deal for third-world producers. Their healthier and more efficient Airbaking technique uses 100% pure air instead of oils, saving 10,200 gallons of frying oil from our bodies and the environment annually. Instead of wasting energy, they are recycling it. 

Like their ingredients, EVOS’ building materials pass the healthier planet test. EVOS is proud to be an Earth Charter winner and industry-recognized leader in green business practices where they inspire businesses around the world to Go Green. All of their stores use sustainable and recycled materials. For example, EVOS uses eco-friendly zero VOC paints and adhesives, reclaimed and pressed sorghum plant stalks, Energy Star qualified commercial equipment and lighting, and automatic light switches that turn off when not being used throughout their stores. 

They don’t stop there, all the in-store tables are 80% ethically sourced wood and 20% recycled wood tables. Practices like these make businesses greener and healthier for us and the planet as a whole. EVOS even recycles used cups and bags, uses 100% recycled gift cards, and recycles cardboard content from their kitchens. Another sustainable business practice used is printing guest materials on recycled paper with soy-based versus petroleum-based inks whenever possible.⁠

EVOS truly treats every day like it’s Earth Day by considering the well-being of our planet in every business decision made. This is your reminder that every step towards change, even the small ones, will leave a large impact on not only us but for future generations too. Supporting sustainable and environmentally conscious shops and restaurants is a simple and easy way to start making your mark in a more sustainable future!

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