Johnny Pappagallo

Restaurant, Hospitality, Italian

Client Info:

Inspired by the food, wine, and culture of Italy, Johnny Pappagallo brings traditional dishes with a culinary flair to the Coral Gables neighborhood.


Brand Development
Social Media
Campaign Development
Email Marketing
Content Creation
Technology & Software


ALRAS Digital, digital and equitable communications strategies.

López-Wagner Strategies, an equitable communications agency.

Benvenuto to Miami, Johnny

Project Details:

Johnny Pappagallo is a new Italian restaurant located in Coral Gables. Muse Creative Group was hired to create the brand identity for the restaurant and assist with its launch. The client wanted a brand that would convey the restaurant’s authentic Italian cuisine and welcoming atmosphere.

Our Approach:

The first step was to research the Italian cuisine market in the Coral Gables area and identify gaps in the market that Johnny Pappagallo could fill. Muse Creative Group also analyzed the branding and marketing strategies of competitors to identify opportunities for differentiation.

Based on the research, we developed a brand identity that conveyed the authentic Italian cuisine and welcoming atmosphere of Johnny Pappagallo. The branding included a logo, color palette, and typography that was used consistently across all marketing materials.

Our launch campaign included community partnerships, influencer marketing, email marketing, social media, and in-store promotions. Since open, Johnny Pappagallo received positive feedback from customers and the media with branding that helped Johnny Pappagallo differentiate itself from competitors and establish a strong brand identity in the Coral Gables community.

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