People, Public Lands, and Climate Collaborative (PPLCC)


Client Info:

An informal network of U.S.-based NGOs who believe in the importance of a climate plan for public lands.


Brand Development
Web Development
Video and Motion Graphics
Social Media


ALRAS Digital, digital and equitable communications strategies.

López-Wagner Strategies, an equitable communications agency.

A Public-Lands Collaborative is Born

With Lòpez-Wagner Strategies and ALRAS Digital, we were hired to create a brand that would effectively communicate PPLCC’s organization’s mission and values, while also appealing to a diverse audience of stakeholders including environmental advocates, community leaders, policymakers, and the general public. 


The brand had to inspire action and motivate members to get involved in the coalition’s initiatives, while also demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and the protection of public lands.


The Muse team underwent a series of conversations to better understand the goals, values, and target audience. Through extensive research and strategy development, we built a brand around the concept of “Connecting People and Public Lands for a Sustainable Future.”


The brand identity was brought to life through the development of a logo, typography, imagery, and  color palette inspired by the natural beauty of public lands. Brand elements were designed to evoke a sense of hope, optimism, and a bright future.


The brand has been successfully integrated into the organization’s communication materials, including its website, social media, and promotional materials. It’s also helped advance PPLCC’s mission through increased visibility and credibility, inspiring action, and motivating people to get involved in the coalition’s initiatives. The brand has also helped to attract new supporters and partners becoming a powerful tool for promoting environmental sustainability, protection of public lands, and community engagement.

The PPLCC needed a website that would appeal to a diverse audience. The website had to be visually engaging, easy to navigate, and integrated with Action Network to support grassroots engagement. The website also had to provide a platform for press releases and articles to support the coalition’s blog.

Muse Creative Group designed and developed a unique website with illustrations inspired by Afro-Indigenous traditions. The website featured vibrant colors, bold typography, and striking imagery reflecting the great outdoors.

The website was integrated with Action Network to support grassroots engagement where users could easily sign petitions or call on congress directly from the website. A blog was launched shortly after the website’s launch to support press releases, news articles, member spotlights, and more. 


In 2021, we supported the launch of its Instagram page to further support the coalition’s engagement efforts. The page featured visually engaging content that effectively communicated the PPLCC’s mission and values. It has grown in popularity and engagement, attracting new supporters and partners to the coalition.


Buzzing on Social


Muse Creative Group supported the planning of the Instagram page by creating monthly social media calendars and using social listening tools to track members’ activity to spot trending conversations and help amplify efforts including petitions and events. 


We created a short video for National Bison Day which went viral, with almost 40,000 views and over 1,500 likes. The team was always on the creative edge and innovating opportunities for engagement. In one instance, we led a giveaway that gave participants the opportunity to get a custom illustration in the artwork style of PPLCC. Several dozen participants took part in the raffle, and the team ultimately selected five winners.


Our team tested different formats and messages to share stories that inspired action. Most notably, we created an animated #GetOutTheVot video which we scripted and coordinated to feature a voice-over from a collaborative member, Juan Perez-Sáez, now Executive Director of Environmental Learning for Kids (ELK).


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