Loretta & The Butcher

Restaurant, Hospitality, Argentinian

Client Info:

Authentic Argentinian restaurant in Coconut Grove that meat lovers and wine aficionados love.


  • Web Development
  • Social Media
  • Campaign Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Technology & Software


World Cup 2022

As an Argentinian restaurant, Loretta & the Butcher wanted to capitalize on the excitement around the World Cup. Muse Creative Group developed a campaign that engaged soccer fans and drove foot traffic to the restaurant. The campaign was launched before the World Cup began and throughout the tournament. 

We knew how passionate Argentinians were about soccer (and Messi), especially during the World Cup so our creative concept aimed at bringing the Argentinian community together to root for their favorite team. The concept included a visual identity and messaging that was used across all campaign materials, including social media, email marketing, and in-store promotions. 

The social media plan included a series of posts leading up to the World Cup that highlighted Loretta & the Butcher’s food and drinks offerings, as well as their large-screen TVs and comfortable seating. The posts were designed to create excitement and anticipation around the tournament.

Our efforts led to high engagement levels on social media and high open and click-through rates on e-blasts sent. The in-store promotions were also well received, with many customers taking advantage of the exclusive offers. As a result, Loretta & the Butcher reached maximum capacity with pre-booked reservations helping to secure increased revenue for the restaurant.



Muse Creative Group designed and developed a mobile-optimized website for Loretta & the Butcher that showcases their traditional cuisine and creates a seamless user experience for customers. The website is able to drive online reservations via Resy or Opentable, and also give customers a glimpse into their restaurant’s atmosphere, menu offerings, and weekly promotions with high-quality images.

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