Environmental Defense Action Fund

Industry: Advocacy
Client Info: EDF Action, the advocacy partner of the Environmental Defense Fund, builds transformative political power to help protect our environment and the health of American families.
Services: Brand Development Video and Motion Graphics Social Media
Team: ALRAS Digital, digital and equitable communications strategies. López-Wagner Strategies, an equitable communications agency.

Climate Voters, Unite!


Heading into the 2022 Midterms, EDAF sought to develop a unique brand identity for pro-climate voters that could be sustained over multiple election cycles.


Muse Creative Group, in partnership with López-Wagner Strategies, designed and launched the Climate Voter campaign, a pro-environment, pro-climate effort to rally climate-conscious voters. Muse designed unique website banners, original swag, postcards, and accessories for volunteers and supporters seen and worn by campaigns in Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, and all across the U.S.

Launching the Environmental Defense Action Fund’s Instagram Page


In early 2022, EDAF needed a comprehensive social media strategy and visual content that would help establish its brand on Instagram. We worked closely with Lòpez-Wagner Strategies and ALRAS Digital to develop a social media calendar and a visual content plan that would help launch the organization’s Instagram page. As part of the content mix, we designed graphics, curated event photos, and edited video reels.


The organization’s followers grew organically, and its visual content received a positive response from its target audience. EDAF’s Instagram page is now an important platform for the organization to connect with its followers, showcase its work, and engage its target audience.

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